Tallest tower of cupcakes collage

Cupcakes of Hope Cancer Foundation recently hosted a record-breaking fundraiser in Vereeniging, South Africa, by building the world's Tallest tower of cupcakes.

Volunteers for the non-profit baking company built an enormous 10.77 metres (35 ft 4 in) tall structure, on to which they arranged 6,370 individual fairy cakes.

We imagine it was very difficult for the participants not to give in to the temptation to eat the cakes while attempting this mouthwatering record...

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Glenn Pollard was invited along to verify, with the assistance of a qualified land surveyor, who used a professional electronic laser theodolite to confirm the height of the cake tower.

Tallest tower of cupcakes portrait

Glenn confirmed that the charity had successfully out-baked the previous record holders, Efour Events, Sugaholic and Ribbons & Balloons, which achieved the record with an 8 metres (26 ft 2.96 in) tall tower in Dubai, UAE, back in 2016.

Founder of Cupcakes of Hope, Sandy Cipriano, was thrilled with the result: “This charity and this attempt is totally community driven. It is heart-warming to know that people care and that we are giving families hope. The record has brought the community together, contributing to a worthwhile cause. I hope it inspires others to ‘give something back’.”

The event was sponsored by local businesses and 100% of the money raised will now go towards stem cell implant treatment for a patients in South Africa.

Tallest tower of cupcakes certificate presentation

Adjudicator Glenn Pollard said: “To see the labours of those commendable efforts bring together the community for such a wonderful cause made the success of the attempt all the more special. Cupcakes of HOPE can justifiably feel incredibly proud of their achievement and of every single person that supported them.”

Tallest tower of cupcakes close up

Once the 1.2 tonne structure was taken down, the cupcakes were distributed among volunteers and guests, as well as childrens homes and hospitals.

The attempt took place next to Rio Sol Portuguese Restaurant in the Rio Sol Village.