October is approaching fast and, with it, the British running event of the year - the TCS London Marathon. 

For the 15th consecutive year our record holders will wear their most creative costumes, lace up their fastest running shoes and prepare to cross the finishing line. 

Guinness World Records continues its collaboration with the TCS London Marathon for this year's event on 2 October 2022 and just like last year's event, a team of adjudicators will be on hand to confirm successful runners as official GWR title holders. 

Our runners will challenge themselves, their athletic preparation and their resilience to snatch a world record and raise awareness for a charity of their choice. 

From running gurus dressed as hospital patients to athletes competing for the fastest marathon dressed in a toga, from shoes to stationery, let's take a sneak peek at some of the records being attempted at the upcoming TCS London Marathon.

Aaron Duffet dressed as a Lucky Saint bottle

Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Bottle (male) 

Our first runner prepared by "running lots" and, although this is not his first marathon, it is indeed his first Guinness World Records attempt.

Aaron Duffet is 34 years old, lives in London and has run his fair share of marathons: 18 in total.

He works in sales for the non-alcoholic brand Lucky Saint and his day job inspired his costume: a bottle of Lucky Saint, with its immediately recognizable blue label. 

Running dressed as a non-alcoholic, vegan beer doesn’t only present a strong connection with Aaron’s work, but it will also allow him to possibly conquer a world record while running for a cause close to his heart. 

Aaron is attempting the record to raise awareness for the Mental Health Foundation

If he succeeds, becoming a part of the Guinness World Records family and potentially appearing in the book would mean the world to him.  

Aaron's current personal best time is 2:48, and he aims to break the coveted record title after months of training and preparation. 

Donato smiling dressed as a hospital patient

Fastest marathon dressed as a hospital patient (male) 

This runner's mantra is "Train, Race, Pizza," and it's a motto we can surely get behind.

The TCS London Marathon will be far from his first running challenge but for Donato Esposito, 61, this event might be a special one. 

Although he has completed 13 marathons in the past, including New York City, Boston and Chicago, the YouTuber underwent surgery in July to remove his gallbladder. He recovered while training, and the experience inspired his costume: a hospital gown. 

Donato, who started working on YouTube with the account name GURU RUNS, hopes his record attempt will inspire others who are having challenges in life.  

Like many others, Donato is also running to give back and raise money and awareness for a charity.

He chose to fundraise for Dementia UK after his late aunt, who had lived with dementia in her later life, passed not long after last year’s London marathon. Donato was thinking about her during the event and, this year, he decided to honour her memory by aiding the specialist dementia nurse charity. 

“Marking it into the Guinness World Records book would mean the world to me,” he says. 

“I have always been an underachiever in life and I believe it is never too late to start. So, despite now being in my 60s, we can still go on to achieve great things despite our age.”  

Paul Addicott dressed as a shoe

Fastest marathon dressed as a three dimensional shoe (male) 

If some runners rely on their best running shoe to cross the finish line, some others… become the shoe! 

Paul Addicott is a long-time Guinness World Records fan. He used to find the Guinness World Records books under the Christmas tree when he was a child, and now his dream of being part of the book might come true as he attempts the record for fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional shoe (male).

The current record to beat is 3 hr 54 min and was broken by Paul Bennett (UK) at the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2019.                                                                     

Paul works as the Head of Criminal Justice Services in the charity sector, supporting people released from prison, and he is raising money for Cancer Research. His campaign started after losing a colleague and friend to cancer. 

“We all know someone impacted by cancer.”  - Paul Addicott

 Paul has an outstanding running curriculum (counting 94 marathons, 10 ultra-marathons and five Ironmans) and a colourful costume ready to stand out.

“It’s difficult to practice without getting lots of funny looks,” Paul said about his shoe costume. 

However, that certainly didn't stop him from training and attempting the record. 

The 2022 TCS London Marathon will be his overall 10th London marathon: a personal record that Paul aims to celebrate by becoming Officially Amazing™. 

Belinda smiling dressed as a pencil

Fastest marathon dressed as stationary (female) 

Salford-born art teacher Belinda Neild began running in 2011.

She is the current record holder for the title of fastest marathon dressed as stationery (female), having set the record during the 2019 marathon dressed as a red crayon. 

Now, she is looking to better her previous achievement and double her success. 

Belinda dressed as a red crayon

Both her costumes are inspired by her day job as an art teacher but, initially, Belinda started training to deal with her grief after losing several family members. 

Her losses included her mother, who passed away from cancer.  

Running helped her in the past and, nowadays, Belinda aims to continue this circle of positive energy by supporting St Ann’s Hospice, the organization that took care of her mother. 

During the years and through different running events she has already raised over £16,000 for St Ann’s Hospice, whilst raising an overall total of £22,000 for various charities, and aims to continue to do so.

“I remember walking into St Ann’s and my mum had the biggest smile on her face," she says.     

"That is a memory I will never forget." - Belinda Neild

Check out the records that were broken last year!

Check out all the records that were broken last year.

This is only a small selection of the runners attempting a world record during the day. 

Success will earn these marathon runners an official Guinness World Records title, as well as a coveted place in the Guinness World Records 2024 book out in September 2023.

We can’t wait to see how many records will be broken after crossing the finishing line.

So lace up your shoes, get ready and… stay tuned!

Want to attempt a record at the London Marathon next year?
Applications for the ballot to enter next year’s 2023 TCS London Marathon will open on Saturday 1 October 2022.