Are you ready to make history?

Applications to break a record at the London Marathon 2022 are going to close in a month, on July 18 2022. 

If you plan on breaking a record at the 2022 TCS London Marathon, make sure you have submitted an application. 

If the record title you wish to run for isn't available, you're welcome to suggest a new one. Normally, applications for a new record title are a paid for service, but they are free for the London Marathon. 

However, to partake in the event and break a record on the day you’ll have to secure a spot at the event separately. 

You can apply here.
However, please note that to attempt a record you’ll need to have secured your spot at the 2022 TCS London Marathon.

Fastest marathon dressed as an astronomical body

Slots for the TCS London Marathon 2022 are not available through Guinness World Records.

If you haven’t made it to the ballot, many charities still have places available in this year’s mass event. 

Many records have been broken in the past while running for charities, and it allows athletes to compete in the marathon (and possibly break a record!) while raising money and awareness for a cause close to their heart.

You can pick from a roster of many charities, including the British Heart Foundation, the 2022 TCS London Marathon’s Charity of the Year.

Find more information about the 2022 TCS London Marathon

Alternatively, you can enter the virtual 2022 TCS London Marathon, which gives participants the chance to take on 26.2 miles their way.

In 2020, thanks to the rise of virtual events due to the pandemic, the London Marathon achieved the Guinness World Records title for most  users to complete a remote marathon in 24 hours, with the participation of 37,966 people.

Fastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader

Last year, we saw some amazing records being broken at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2021. 

 Out of the 54 applicants that had attempted to break a record on the day, a total of 30 new Guinness World Records titles were achieved.

Let’s recount some of the funniest, inspiring and amazing records of that day.

 fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male)

If you snooze you lose, they say.

That was surely not true at the London Marathon, when the first to cross the line was Julian Rendall (UK) in a cosy ready-for-bedtime outfit.

The former GB international ultra runner set a new record for fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male) with an impressive time of 2:51:45.

Soon after, Peter Butler-Jones (UK) completed the marathon with a timing of 2 hrs 56 min 38 sec. 

Despite the sunny day, Peter’s costume was ready for the rain, setting the new record for fastest marathon wearing wellington boots (male)

Liv Andersson with certificate

Aiming for the win and keeping a cool head for the whole marathon, Liv Andersson (UK) ran dressed in a colourful Henry VIII costume.

She crossed the finish line and broke the record for fastest marathon dressed as a monarch (female) with the royal timing of 03:39:50.

And, if you thought you saw a rhino amidst the runners, have no fear: it was "Rhino boy" Chris Green (UK)! 

He ran the entire marathon in a 13kg suit to maximize the attention around the Save the Rhino campaign. For a good cause, Chris broke the record for fastest marathon dressed as a mammal (male) – Rhinoceros

Rhino boy Chris Green

Besides, who said that running a marathon is a lonely business? 

Digby Walker, Benjamin Taylor, Charlie Mason, Edward Holderness, Guy Dixon and Oliver Tipping (all UK) claimed their slice of the pie and broke the record in a chocolate caterpillar cake costume. 

All six of them broke the record for the fastest marathon in a six-person costume. They achieved the time of 04:34:52.

Fastest marathon cake costume

 Those were just a few of the 30 trailblazing records achieved during the day, and many more can be broken next year.

The limit is the sky when it comes to the different records that can be broken at the London Marathon.

Attempting a record during the day can be a fun experience for all professional and non-professional runners. 

It takes creativity, determination and fun, and every year our record holders prove to have all of them in spades.

Charlotte Sullivan Spanish Dressed

"The London Marathon 2021 was an incredible day full of joy and emotion as the mass event returned to the streets of London and tens of thousands took part in the virtual event around the globe," says Hugh Brasher, Event Director of the 2022 TCS London Marathon on their website.

So warm up, tie up your running shoes, pick your costume and we hope to see you in October!