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This serial record breaker from down under is on top of the world, after balancing six M&M's® on top of each other.

22-year-old Brendan Kelbie (Australia) has reclaimed his Guinness World Records title for the tallest stack of M&M's®, breaking the previous record of five, jointly held by Will Cutbill (UK) and Rocco Mercurio (Italy).

The record was first set in 2016, with four M&M's® stacked by serial record breaker Silvio Sabba (Italy). In November 2020, Brendan equalled Silvio's total, laying joint claim to the record title.

However, a few months later, in June 2021, engineer Will Cutbill shot to fame by stacking five M&M's®.

Will's story of lockdown boredom resonated with people all around the world, many of whom were confident that they could do better. Thousands rushed out to get their own bag of M&M's® to try and claim the title for themselves.

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Despite assertions that Will’s record would soon be broken, it wasn't.

The closest anyone came was Rocco Mercurio (Italy), another serial record breaker, who equalled the record in July 2021.

Having witnessed the M&M's® mania unfold over the summer, Brendan Kelbie re-emerged in October, ready to show the world how it’s done.

As the one who started it all, after awakening the record from its four-year slumber in 2020, it was only fitting that Brendan be the one to break it again.

tallest stack of M and Ms

Already on a quest to break 21 records in 2021, Brendan decided to reclaim his title and rebuild the world's tallest stack of M&M's®.

To successfully achieve the record, the stack must be completely free-standing and able to stand for a minimum of 10 seconds once completed. Flavoured M&M's® such as peanut and mint are not permitted; only plain chocolate ones can be used.

On 14 October 2021, at his home in Queensland, Australia, Brendan balanced six M&M's® on top of each other, setting a new world record.

Tallest tower of dice stacked on the back of the hand in 30 seconds (blindfolded): 13

"I've decided to break this record because I'm a serial record breaker, and I am a versatile world record holder" - Brendan

Brendan is a man of many talents. In addition to his supreme stacking skills, he's also a keen basketball player.

Here are all of the Guinness World Records titles he currently holds:

  1. Most drumstick flips in one minute: 98
  2. Longest duration spinning a basketball on a pair of spectacles: 29.67 sec
  3. Tallest tower of dice stacked on the back of the hand in 30 seconds (blindfolded): 13
  4. Most dice stacked into a tower in 30 seconds (blindfolded): 20
  5. Longest duration spinning a basketball on the nose: 9.57 sec
  6. Longest duration to spin a fidget spinner on one toe: 6 min 52.28 sec
  7. Longest time to spin a basketball on one finger while dribbling: 1 min 14.40 sec
  8. Most basketball three point shots scored on NBA 2K9 in one minute: 29
  9. Fastest time to flip five baseball caps on the head: 8.63 sec
  10. Fastest time to build a 10 toilet roll pyramid: 3.49 sec
  11. Fastest time to arrange six dice in numerical order whilst blindfolded: 13.40 sec
  12. Fastest time to flip six water bottles (team of two): 13.65 sec
  13. Tallest stack of M&M's®: 6

Longest duration spinning a basketball on a pair of spectacles: 29.67 sec

Although he didn’t quite achieve the 21 records he set out to, Brendan performed many incredible feats along the way.

As his rivalries with other serial record breakers continue to heat up, we’re excited to see which records Brendan goes for next.

Will he - or anyone else - be able to achieve the unthinkable and stack seven M&M's®?

Brendan Kelbie eating M and Ms