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Mohammed Muqbel (Yemen) is back with a new record attempt! His name might be familiar to many of you as last year he managed to break the record for the largest stack of eggs with three eggs.

He was featured on many of our social media channels, gaining millions of views.

However, Muqbel decided to take on the challenge once again and attempted to break his own record.


Largest stack of eggs 🥚 4 by Mohammed Muqbel 🇾🇪

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He did just that in Istanbul, Turkey after balancing four eggs on top of one another, achieving the record for the largest stack of eggs yet again and setting the bar higher for everyone else.

While it might be a simple concept, breaking a record like this is much harder than it looks.

"Many around the world fail to realize the hard work associated with balancing," said Muqbel.

"Balancing takes a toll on your body because of the high levels of focus needed to achieve such a thing."

"The art of balancing involves tremendous patience, focus and calmness. I would even say it is linked to the science of physics and engineering."

Mohammed Muqbel showcasing his incredible balancing skills

"The most difficult part from the attempt was finding the centre of gravity for each egg due to it’s unique shape and texture."

He noticed his skill for balancing things at a young age and has been nurturing it since then.

"I consider myself an ambitious person, and I aim to showcase my skills to the whole world one day."

"Breaking two records has been a blessing, and I can’t wait to attempt more in the future."

Mohammed Muqbel attempting the largest stack of eggs

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