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Have you ever met a person capable of balancing anything on their body? We mean it, ANYTHING!

Well, meet Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari (Iran) who recently broke the world record for the most spoons balanced on the body with 85 in Karaj, Iran.


Most spoons balanced on the body 🥄 85 by Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari 🇮🇷

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"I accidentally noticed this talent of mine when I was a kid," said Mokhtari, "but after multiple years of practice and effort, I was able to strengthen my talent and develop it to where it is now."

After asking him about the limitations of this unique talent, Mokhtari shared that - so far - he hasn't found anything he can't balance. 

"Anything, I mean it, any object. Anything that has a surface I can stick to my body, such as plastic, glass, fruit, stone, wood and even a fully grown human."

Yes, you read that right, the 50-year-old developed his skill to the point of balancing or "sticking" another human to his body.

Pictures of Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari from Iran

 Mokhtari believes the secret to his unique ability is being able to transfer energy from his body into the object.  

"I can transfer this energy I have in me to them (the objects) as long as I can touch and feel them, I push myself then to focus as much as possible on the objects on my body, and that’s how I do it."

"I focus on whatever I am trying to stick to my body, making me capable of transferring my energy and power to them."

Despite his outstanding abilities, breaking this record was a long and hard journey.

Abolfazl Mokhtari achieves the Most spoons balanced on the body

Mokhtari started his attempts to break this record last summer, but the weather proved to be a major obstacle to obtaining the record.

The guidelines for this record stipulate that the spoons are required to remain balanced on the body for a certain time.

"Due to the humidity and hot weather, a few spoons slipped from my body as I reached the 80th mark."

"I tried my best to keep my focus but the temperature of my body and sweat kept bringing me back to the starting point."

However Mokhtari never gave up, and on his third attempt, he managed to break the record.

"I want the whole world to see my talent, I want to travel to other countries and showcase my gift. With this achievement and by breaking a Guinness World Records title, I am closer than ever to that goal."

"I feel so happy and proud right now, and I encourage everyone to keep chasing their dreams and never give up no matter what life throws their way."

The previous record for most spoons balanced on the body was 64, held by Marcos Ruiz Ceballos from Spain.

Mokhtari isn't the only record holder that can perform extraordinary balancing skills on his skin. 

Shunichi Kanno of Japan is able to place cans on his head and body and holds two records:

  • Most drinks cans placed on the head using air suction (9)
  • Most drinks cans placed on the body using air suction (20)