The 23rd of September marks Saudi National Day, so we decided to pull together some of the most incredible records broken in the region.

Without any further ado, Ya Hala Feekom (welcome) to some incredible record-breaking achievements from Saudi Arabia.


Tallest flagpole

Back in 2014, The Saudi Arabian flag flew high on the world tallest flagpole in Jeddah city.

Jeddah Municipality & Community Jameel created the massive unsupported flagpole measuring at 171 m (561 ft). The milestone was achieved on the national day of the kingdom.

The flag itself was impressive as well, it measured while being raised, unfurled and flown 32.5 m (106 ft 7.5 in) by 49.35 m (161 ft 10.9 in).


Largest permanent projection-mapped display

In an attempt to highlight (literally) the iconic Cliff of Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia, Al Qiddiya Company created the world’s largest permanent projection-mapped display measuring at 32,108 m² (345,607 ft² 94 in²).

The video projection mapping system covered the cliff and utilized it as a canvas to deliver unmatched shows and experiences.

On 17 January 2020 the system was used as the main backdrop for the closing ceremony of the 2020 Dakar Rally event which featured performances from DJ Snake and Wiz Khalifa.

This system is not just a one trick pony, as it was also synced with lighting, laser, audio and fireworks during the event.


Largest serving of sayadieh

Sayadieh is a beloved Middle Eastern dish known for its rich flavour that consists of three main ingredients – white fish, rice and onions.

Hussain Sallam, known as S7S, is a famous influencer and food enthusiast from Saudi Arabia, who last year created the largest serving of sayadieh ever, weighing at a whopping 600 kg (1,322.77 lb) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The serving was served to the audience afterwards and donated to charity for those in need by Saudi Arabia Food Bank.


Largest fireworks display in multiple cities

Most nations around the world celebrate national days with fireworks, but Saudi Arabia took it to another level back in 2018.

During the celebrations, the largest fireworks display in multiple cities was achieved as the display consisted of 962,168 fireworks.

The team behind the scenes was the General Entertainment Authority, Fireworks by Grucci and Blink Experience

The breath-taking performance lit up the skies of three cities - Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah.


Largest collection of clothes for recycle/donation

We end our list with a noble cause that saw the citizens of Saudi Arabia gather thousands of items of clothing for charity.

565,798 items in particular, leading Ehtwa'a Organization to the largest collection of clothes for donation ever.

In addition to all the clothes gathered, the donations included items such as accessories, perfumes, bags and shoes.