Each year, dads are honoured by the annual Father’s Day celebrations in June.

All over the world there are great fathers, but some go above and beyond and even hold Guinness World Records titles.

From climbing Mount Everest to creating larger-than-life inventions, here are a few extraordinary dads who have made it into the record books and helped their kids earn a spot too.

Most baseball catches with alternating hands in one minute.

Nine-year-old Rafael Gomez and his father Juan share a very special bond. You can often find the two of them practising baseball in their hometown of Bogota, Colombia. 

Coached by his father since he was just three years old, little Rafael's dream is to become a Major League Baseball player but he's already made it into Guinness World Records with the title for the Most baseball catches with alternating hands in one minute, thanks to Juan’s help. 

After attempting a record live in front of hundreds of locals, Rafael was able to achieve his personal best of 68 catches pitched by his dad.

First father and daughter to summit Everest

Years ago, Chhamji Sherpa would have never been able to be the Youngest female to summit Everest (South Side) if it wasn’t for her dad who accompanied her. 

Being a mountain guide himself, Dendi Sherpa decided to escort his then 16-year-old daughter up the deathly peak to protect her from any harm that might come as a result of their journey. 

Facing altitude sickness among many other struggles, Dendi continued until his daughter achieved her goal of reaching the summit; making him an incredible father and record holder as the First father and daughter to summit Everest.

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Largest tire track image

In 2015, the Largest tire track image was achieved by Hyundai Motor Company, who used eleven vehicles to create a 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) message a 12-year-old girl wished to send to her astronaut father. 

Spelling out the words 'Steph ♥'s You', Genesis cars creating lines 30 metres wide on the desert floor so that Steph could communicate with her dad who had been at the International Space Station for the past seven months. 

Luckily Steph’s dad received her loving message, making for a very touching record. 

Most eggs cracked one-handed in a minute (team of two)

Perhaps one of the most famous dads is chef, Gordon Ramsay, who attempted a record with his eldest daughter Matilda last year. 

In a father-daughter face-off, both Gordon and Tilly went up against quick-handed Washington restaurant owner Ross McCurdy and his daughter for the Most eggs cracked one-handed in a minute (team of two)

While the celebrity chef had to crack at least 28 eggs to beat the record, he fell short of that minimum resulting in the McCurdy win. 

Though the pair did not earn their record, Ramsay still seemed proud of their efforts.

Largest Nerf gun

Mark Rober might just qualify as being the coolest dad, especially after creating the world’s Largest Nerf gun

This larger-than-life functioning toy is one of many inventions that the YouTuber and engineer has made as a result of his craftiness. Measuring 1.82 m (6 ft) long, the toy even has super-sized darts that go with it, making it the ultimate family fun activity.

Oldest man to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Robert Wheeler is quite the ambitious parent, and decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 85.

When he completed the record, he did so with his son Jack, who he trained and trusted with in preparation for the record-breaking hike. After days of climbing the enormous African mountain, both father and son made it to the very top, accomplishing a feat no other dad had done at Robert’s age. 

While he enjoyed the adrenaline of this achievement, he and his son Jack plan to better the record for Robert’s 90th birthday.

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Heaviest vehicle pulled over a level 100 ft

Reverend Kevin Fast is one of the strongest dads we’ve seen. 

Just last year he achieved the record for the Heaviest vehicle pulled over a level 100 ft, towing two firetrucks using just a rope for stability! In total he carried 68,090 kg (150,112 lb 12 oz), bettering the record he set in 2008. Kevin also holds records for Heaviest aircraft pulled (male), Heaviest house pulled by a man, and Most people supported on the shoulders. He’s even encouraged his two sons to attempt strength-based records, who have managed to achieve the title for Heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 ft by a pair (male).