Nine-year-old Rafael Gomez and his father Juan share a very special bond.

Coached by his father since he was just three years old, little Rafael's dream is to become a Major League Baseball player but he's already made it into Guinness World Records with the title for the Most baseball catches with alternating hands in one minute.

Rafael and his father

The pair can often be found practicing regularly in their hometown of Bogota, Colombia.

Both were determined to obtain the record, which meant hours of extra catching practice each day.

Most baseball catches with alternating in hands in one minute

Rafael told his father he had a desire to stand out, which is why he wanted to earn this record. He also wanted to inspire other children.

"When Rafael came to me with the idea, he said his reason for attempting a record was to show that he has the ability to throw and catch with both hands, something that is not very common in a baseball player. He also wanted to send a message to other children that may have a talent - encouraging them to fight for their dreams despite the difficulties," - Juan Gomez

By the time Juan and Rafael were ready to try the for the title, they had been able to do 61 catches in 60 seconds standing 10 metres apart.

But the aspiring athlete made his father extra proud that day, when he achieved a new record-breaking total of 68 catches, far more than what they had aimed for.

"Rafael learned that he is capable of achieving his goals, however difficult they may seem, which I am so happy to have seen. We had trained very hard and always reached a maximum of 61 catches - but in this attempt he reached 68! He managed to concentrate and focus on his ambition of accomplishing a Guinness World Records title."

Now the duo have future plans to attempt more baseball records, confident and excited from their latest attempt.

Most baseball catches with alternating in hands in one minute 2