Skateboarder Peter Connolly has achieved a feat many would never dare to try.

At the 2017 L’Ultimate Descente competition; an annual gravity sports event held in Quebec, Canada, the English skater set the record for the Fastest skateboard speed downhill (standing).

For those unfamiliar with gravity sports – this event invites experts in skateboard, luge, in-line skates, gravity cars and gravity bikes to try and attain the highest speeds possible – making this the perfect setting for a record-breaking run.

Peter was first inspired to pursue this title after breaking his personal speed record the previous year.

"Since I first started skating downhill I have always enjoyed going fast and pushing my top speed. After attending L’Ultime Descente in 2016, purely to skate the fastest I ever had, I came away with a new goal: to come back in 2017 and set the Guinness World Records title."

As "skate fast" is his mantra, this ideology pushed him to accomplish his ambition – a record that now stands at 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph).

Like any sport, it took Pete a great deal of commitment and practice to get to master traveling this fast and he spent days refining his technique on the hilly terrains of Switzerland.

While there is of course the risk of wiping out and becoming injured, the longtime skateboarder knew the exact maneuvers to make sure he stayed balanced on the board until is slowed to a more controllable speed.

Now that Pete is already a Guinness World Records title holder and has broken his personal record from last year’s event, he is hoping to reach a blazing 100 mph next time.

Fastest skateboard speed achieved in a standing position