As Seen on TV: China is a brand-new video series from Guinness World Records, which will showcase a selection of the most awe-inspiring, hilarious and sometimes shocking record attempts featured on Chinese television shows over recent years.

The first episode features an attempt at the Highest wall-assisted backflip – a hugely popular record that was previously set on Lo Show dei Record in Italy.

Hoping to take the title to China, parkour pro Li Xingnan is up against Germany's Felix Quinton as they try to achieve the record on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing.

Highest wall-assisted backflip China

He has a tough mark of 3.40 m (11.15 ft) to beat – but manages to better this, beating his competitor who unfortunately knocked the cross bar off during his attempts.

Li continues to increase the height until he manages to clear a 3.70-m-high (12.13 ft) cross bar.

Afterwards, he wants to attempt an even higher backflip, but is dissuaded from doing so by his girlfriend, who was probably worried about him hurting himself!

If you liked that video, then we think you'll also enjoy this attempt by Dinesh Sunar – otherwise know as "Parkour Dinesh."

The Nepali stuntman recently achieved the Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute (parkour) with an impressive 18 flips.

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