Dinesh Sunar – aka ‘Parkour Dinesh’ – is a Nepali stuntman, parkour athlete and police officer who has set a Guinness World Records title for the Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute (parkour).

The 24-year-old managed to complete a staggering 18 flips during the event in Kathmandu, where a crowd of people gathered to cheer him on.

The rules for this physically demanding attempt state that each flip must be a full mid-air 360 degree rotation backwards. The challenger must also rotate the body 360 degrees in a barrel-roll twist while in the air, and then land facing the wall.

“For several years I have been doing parkour and I am really working hard. I have a dream to be a Guinness World Records title holder,” said Dinesh in his application for the title.

Dinesh has been doing parkour since he was 15, now he is president of the Parkour Freerunning Association of Nepal and works in a department of the local Armed Police Force where he makes use of his athletic talents.

Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute Dinesh

Not only this, Dinesh has also worked as a stuntman in a number of Nepali movies and has even appeared in one Bollywood movie.

Now the parkour pro can add ‘Guinness World Records title holder’ to his ever-growing list of accolades!