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Guinness World Records is partnering with the Virgin Money London Marathon for the 12th successive year, giving participants in the world’s greatest marathon the chance to become official record title holders.

Please note that in order to apply for a record, you must have secured a place in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 28 April. Places are not available via Guinness World Records.

An adjudicator will be at the finish line to tell you whether you have successfully achieved the record you are attempting - something which is usually a paid-for service but, for this day only, the verification is done for free.

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At the 2018 event there were 34 new Guinness World Records titles achieved with attempts by 90 runners, ranging from the Fastest marathon in a six person costume to the Fastest marathon in ski boots!

An official Guinness World Records attempt is a great way of enhancing your London Marathon 2019 experience, as well as potentially raising awareness and money for your chosen charity. Who knows, you might make history! Read about last year's record breakers to get inspired. 

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You can help make the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon the best yet by attempting to break a world record on the day.

If you wish to attempt a record, please make a free application. If you require further information on setting a record, read more about how to set or break a record.

The deadline for applications is 1700 GMT on Friday 8 February 2019.

As part of the submission process, all applicants must provide a full description of their planned record attempt which will be reviewed by the London Marathon Events Ltd Operations Department to ensure it is appropriate for the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Please make a standard application via and include the following:

  • A record title and a full description of the Guinness World Records attempt
  • Dimensions of the costume or object that is to be worn or carried (including height, width, depth and weight)
  • Applicant’s unique running number allocated via ballot place confirmation, through a charity or other guaranteed entry console
  • Projected finish time in any costume you hope to run in
  • Once you have applied, the allocated record manager will request that a photograph which clearly shows the runner wearing/carrying the full costume and/or object is submitted via the online portal
  • Should your application be successful, you will be required to complete a biography form by Friday 1 March 2019. If the record title you wish to run for doesn’t exist on our website, please email with your proposed title and image of the costume for our category manager to review. (Please note this email account is for new categories only and any other correspondence won’t be responded to.)

Please note that you may be asked to take part in The Vitality Big Half 2019 in London on Sunday 10 March for a practical demonstration of your record attempt in race conditions. Please also note applications will be rejected for any runner that is asked to run The Vitality Big Half and does not do so.

London Marathon Events Ltd reserves the right to deny entry if the costume is deemed to contravene health and safety regulations.

Please be advised that if your record attempt is approved for on the day ratification, you will be moved to the Green Start by London Marathon Events Ltd.

The names of all people taking part in any Guinness World Records multiple person costume attempts must be submitted to Guinness World Records for a move to the Green Start by the closing date of Friday 8 February 2019.

Below is a full list of the 34 records that were broken at the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon:

  1. Rob Pope, Fastest marathon in film character costume (Forrest Gump) 2:36:28
  2. Matt Berry, Fastest marathon in a wedding dress (male) 2:55:52
  3. Mathieu Lavedrine, Fastest marathon dressed as a Star Wars character (male) (x-wing pilot) 3:05:27
  4. Joe Gale, Fastest marathon dressed as a love heart (male) 3:05:55
  5. David Stoneman, Fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male) 3:07:09
  6. Barnaby Hopson, Fastest marathon dressed as an insect 3:14:24
  7. Terry Midgely, Fastest marathon dressed in a rugby kit (male) 3:20:16
  8. Oliver Hill, Fastest marathon dressed as a whoopee cushion 3:20:39
  9. Michael Odell & Guy Dunscombe, Fastest marathon in a two-person costume (horse and jockey) 3:25:17
  10. Carly Furnell, Fastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader (female) 3:27:14
  11. James Caldon, Fastest marathon dressed as a tennis player (male) 3:28:48
  12. Rebecca Cesar de Sa, Fastest marathon dressed as a lifeguard (female) 3:31:06
  13. Amy Shadbolt, Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable (carrot) 3:32:50
  14. Alex Morales, Fastest marathon dressed as a stationery item 3:33:13
  15. Paul Underwood, Fastest marathon dressed as a monarch 3:39:10
  16. Charlotte Österman, Fastest marathon dressed as a zombie (female) 3:39:25
  17. Jonathan Carter, Fastest marathon dressed as a hospital patient 3:40:38
  18. Edward Low, Fastest marathon dressed as a padlock (male) 3:51:18
  19. Tim Perkins, Fastest marathon dressed as a tree (male) 3:52:35
  20. Stacey Harper, Fastest marathon dressed as Elvis (female) 3:53:56
  21. George Rutherford-Jones, Fastest marathon dressed as a landmark (male) 3:54:43
  22. Marta Kiermacz-Abramek, Fastest marathon in a suit (female) 3:57:57
  23. Bethan Roberts, Fastest marathon dressed as a dragon (female) 3:58:53
  24. Louise Andrews & Neil Sheward, Fastest marathon three-legged (mixed) 3:59:56
  25. David Smith, Fastest marathon dressed in motorcycle leathers 4:00:11
  26. Fiona Betts, Fastest marathon dressed in a full body animal costume 4:13:25
  27. Victoria Bell, Fastest marathon dressed as an emoji (poo) 4:18:06
  28. Julie Greenwood, Fastest marathon dressed as a fairy tale character 4:24:07
  29. Bob Johnson, Fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional toy 4:59:30
  30. Owen Willis, Fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional plant (male) 4:59:39
  31. Richard Gray, Fastest marathon carrying a household appliance (white goods) 5:49:37
  32. Colin Haylock, Fastest marathon wearing ski boots 5:52:16
  33. Megan Walker, Ceyhun Uzun, Andrew Sharpe, Holly Bishop, Frederick Holland & Richard Scantlebury, Fastest marathon in a six-person costume 6:20:48
  34. Michelle Frost, Fastest marathon on stilts 6:37:38