The Harlem Globetrotters have already amassed an impressive collection of basketball record titles, but Globies’ forward Thunder Law has returned seeking more. 

In honor of this year’s Guinness World Records Day, the 6’3 basketball champion has set a new record for the world’s Highest upward basketball shot in front of the municipality building in Salt Lake City Utah.

 Thunder Law GWR Day 3

For the record attempt to be a success, the US-based player needed to make an upward shot that cleared 10 m (32 ft) – which meant the basket had to be suspended off the ground using a crane. 

With one solid upward toss, the Globies player managed to achieve a height of 15.26 m (50 ft 1 in), causing a well-deserved uproar from local bystanders. 

Thunder Law- GWR Day

Thunder has had his fair share of practice with record-breaking on the court though. 

He’s previously achieved titles for the Farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court (17.91 m; 58 ft 9.1 in), Farthest basketball shot made backwards (25 m; 2 ft 2 in), and Farthest basketball shot under one leg (15.98 m; 52 ft 5.1 in). 

“A lot of people that see me recognise me from the Guinness World Records books. They look at me like some superhero, it’s kinda cool!”

Thunder was also a contributor in the Globetrotter’s most recent record title for the Most basketball half-court shots made in one hour (team), which was featured live on well-known US television show Good Morning America.

In total, the Globetrotters have set seventeen basketball Guinness World Records titles, many of them achieved on last year’s GWR Day. 

"At Guinness World Records, we strive to celebrate the world’s best in every form possible. It’s always an honor to see that sort of commitment in person – what Thunder Law achieved is nothing short of amazing!" - Guinness World Records adjudicator Kellie Ferrick. 

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Thunder Law GWR Day 4

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