LA Beast

Kevin Strahle – aka 'L.A. Beast' – is a competitive eater from the US who has a hugely successful YouTube channel and multiple Guinness World Records titles to his name.

As part of Guinness World Records' new Facebook show, Beyond the Record, host Asha Leo travels to New Jersey to meet the speed eater, who trains for his intense digestive challenges like an athlete.

Kevin has been a professional eater since 2012 and has since accumulated over 1.8 million YouTube subscribers where he earned fame by posting videos of himself drinking bottles of Tabasco, raw eggs with the shells on and even cacti.

May 2017: L.A. Beast takes on doughnuts and maple syrup challenges at the GWR New York HQ

"Why?" asks host Asha. 

"Because that's what I do, that's what I'm known for," he says. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the Beast claims he has a fear of bugs and says the only way he will overcome this is by eating them. 

In the episode, L.A. Beast takes on six amazing feats of human consumption that will hopefully more than double his current count of Guinness World Records titles.

"It's like science, almost. I'm trying to prove what's humanly possible for the human body to consume," – Kevin Strahle, aka 'L.A. Beast'.

Watch a sneak peak of the episode below or watch the full episode on the Beyond the Record Facebook page.

The records Kevin attempts are:

  • Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar
  • Most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands)
  • Most peanut butter cups eaten in one minute
  • Most gummy bears eaten with a stick in one minute
  • Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee
  • Fastest time to drink two litres of soda through a straw

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