Now, after finally receiving all the evidence needed to verify the attempt, we can confirm that Godfrey absolutely smashed his previous effort with a blinding 50.60 m (116 ft) leap.
The jump was a staggering 35.21 metres longer than his 2008 try – that’s more than three times the earlier distance of 15.59 m.
Longest ramp jump by a truck cab side-view
The challenge took place at an Evil Knievel Days event in Butte, Montana, USA in front of a huge crowd.
The 46-year-old completed the risky stunt in a huge six-wheel semi-truck – a vehicle typically used to haul large trailers in the road freight industry.
Following the truck jump, Gregg's son Tanner Godfrey tried to win back his title for the Longest UTV ramp jump.
Longest UTV ramp jump
Tanner needed to beat the 32.53 m leap that was achieved by Bennie Martinez (USA) in 2014. Guinness World Records is still waiting to be sent the evidence required to confirm this record, but the motocross competitor claims he almost doubled the distance.
Godfrey junior always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his pro stunt specialist father, but in 2007 (when he was only 18 years old) he was in a devastating motorcycle accident that left him paralysed from the chest down.
Tanner’s incredible UTV record attempt took place after the dedicated and inspirational off-roader spent years learning how to use his legs again.
The Daily Mail reports that Tanner said: "I've never been one to back down from a challenge, and I couldn't wait to make this jump. By setting a new world record, I want to give voice to all those who are paralysed, whether by physical limitations or internal fears. We all have greatness within us."