Back in 2008, American Greg Godfrey appeared on the MTV show “Nitro Circus” to attempt the Longest ramp jump by a truck cab – successfully setting a Guinness World Records title with an amazing 15.39 m (50 ft 6 in) leap.
However, last Friday 24 July, at an Evil Knievel Days event in Butte, Montana, USA, the stunt driver got back inside his semi-truck – a unit typically used to pull large trailers in the long-haul road freight industry, not for jumping.
Daredevil Godfrey launched his 45,000 kg truck from a ramp to clear a reported distance of 160 feet – potentially trebling his previous benchmark.
Guinness World Records is currently awaiting further evidence before we can verify whether Godfrey has officially broken the record.
The fearless driver took to Twitter to announce that he “meant to only go to 140”, suggesting that the last, potentially record-breaking 20 ft was actually accidental.
With very little separating Godfrey’s truck and the huge surrounding crowd, the video shows him slam on the breaks as he lands, narrowly avoiding a crash into a nearby house. Or, is it just perfect parallel parking?