Continuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, April 2015 was an incredible month for extreme stunts, including the tightest parallel park, longest wheelie and greatest distance walked on top of a Ferris wheel - as well as multiple titles being set at the London Marathon, while some celebs danced into the record books for MTV...

In April, Guinness World Records confirmed that British stunt driver Alastair Moffatt had officially reclaimed the title for Tightest car parallel parking after almost a year and a half.
Sat behind the wheel of a Fiat 500C 1.2 Cult, the professional driver managed to squeeze into a parking space that was only 7.5cm (2.95 in) longer than the vehicle itself.
Hyundai Motor Company made their mark when we announced in February that their enormous 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) message carved into the Nevada desert was the Largest tire track image ever.
Created using a group of Hyundai Genesis vehicles, the image replicated a handwritten note from a 12 year old girl to her astronaut father watching the attempt from the International Space Station.
Another vehicle zoomed into the record books when we shared footage of Roger LeBlanc (Canada) at Moncton International Airport in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada smashing the Longest wheelie on a UTV.
Roger (and his four passengers hanging off the back) pulled off an impressive 1140.3 m (3741.1 ft) two-wheeled journey.
On 19 April it was the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards, held in the AT+T Stadium, Texas, USA and it proved to be a rather record-breaking occasion when American country music superstar Miranda Lambert nabbed the Most consecutive wins of Female Vocalist of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards, winning her sixth.
The male equivalent record is held by Brad Paisley with five.
Not only this, the Academy of Country Music Awards earned a record itself for having Highest attendance at an awards show broadcast.
A great month for showbiz, MTV successfully achieved two Guinness World Records titles for the Longest Dance Relay Marathon and Most Contributors to a Time Capsule in 24 Hours as part of a five-day live and online event - Break The Record Week.
The event was supported by celebs including singer/actor Nick Jonas, reality TV personality Snooki and R&B singer Ne-Yo, who joined a large group of participants in dancing to Beyoncé tunes for more than 24 hours.
Speaking of their entertaining record successes, President of MTV Stephen Friedman said: "Our fans are dreamers, believers, often insanely driven, sometimes just insane, and they love nothing more than to rally around a cause and do something bigger and better than they’ve ever done it before.”
April also saw the return of the Virgin Money London Marathon - the running event which consistently sees exciting records being broken every year, often to raise money for charity, and more than 30 achieved in 2015.
As if completing a marathon isn't hard enough already, three determined contenders ran the Fastest marathon dressed as a superhero, Fastest marathon in a bomb disposal suit and Fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs.
Lastly, one other amazing (and terrifying) record that was attempted in April was for the Greatest distance walked on top of an observation wheel by Nik Wallenda - American acrobat, aerialist, hire wire artist and general daredevil.
The incredible stunt formed part of the grand opening of the Orlando Eye, which opened to the public the following week.

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