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The Results

Event Registrations:
1,678 registered participants
Media Reach:
142,594,000+ million impressions across local, regional and national press outlets
Facebook Engagement:
49,600+ video views and 9,100+ user interactions

The Brief

Once Six Flags Over Georgia set the record for Most couples kissing under the mistletoe, it was only a matter of time before sibling rivalry set in. 

One year later, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the world’s largest regional theme park company, mobilized six additional sister parks to take the record to new heights. Just in time for Holiday in the Park, Six Flags’ annual wintertime celebration featuring dazzling lights and seasonal entertainment, guests were invited to make “kisstory” in a romantic, record-breaking event.


The Solution

The Record: On December 10, 2016, 839 couples at seven Six Flags parks across the country counted down to the moment they’d share a 10-second kiss under the mistletoe at the exact same time. 

The Adjudicator: At Six Flags Over Georgia, a Guinness World Records™ adjudicator was on-site to declare their previous record broken for Most couples kissing under the mistletoe (single venue). Upon reviewing evidence from the other six locations, a new record was confirmed for Most couples kissing under the mistletoe (multiple locations). 

Event Day Amplification: Six Flags Entertainment Corporation leveraged the reach of Guinness World Records to promote the event across their websites and social media. Facebook photos showcased the lineup of guests hoping to participate in the historic event. 

Post Attempt Engagement: Generating over 142 million impressions, the event pervaded headlines as local, regional and national press eagerly shared the story during a time of year that’s known for making memories with loved ones. On social media, videos of the record-breaking event spread quickly as participants and park-goers were excited to share their part in making history.

Holiday in the Park is a beloved family tradition and what better way to ring in the holidays than kisses under the mistletoe... Six Flags is home to a long list of record-breaking roller coasters and now we have a brand new record to kiss and tell about.

— Tom Iven, Six Flags Senior Vice President of U.S. park operations