The Results

Sales Results:
55.8% increase in orders on the day of the activation
Social Media Impressions:
+ 62 million
Online Coverage:
Buzzfeed, Mashable, BBC News, MSN, Yahoo!, NBC News

The Brief

With experiences ranging from hot air balloon rides and parasailing to cooking classes and rally driving, Red Balloon is a business providing more than 3,000 experiences in every state across Australia and New Zealand and is now Australia's largest online experience gift retailer.

Because they believe the best gifts cannot be wrapped, RedBalloon were looking for a unique and unforgettable project to celebrate Christmas in Australia. As a retail brand they are always seeking out new and exciting ways to bring their product to life so what better way to demonstrate the benefits of spending time outside and learning a new skill than with a Guinness World Record event?

The Solution

In collaboration with Guinness World Records, the PR agency behind the attempt Porto Novelli partnered with Let’s Go surfing on behalf of RedBalloon, together they decided to organise an official record attempt to break the existent Guinness World Records title for the Largest surfing lesson.

Surfing being Australians emblematic activity, they thought this record attempt would be a great way to generate excitement among the locals.  Furthermore, to amplify the fun - and to celebrate the festive season - they provided summer Santa suits for the first 250 participants.

Guinness World Records provided their insight and expertise on record consultancy and the official adjudicator was on site on the day to motivate the participants and verify the record attempt.

Thanks to the high brand recognition of Guinness World Records, and the Let’s go surfing school, the Largest surfing lesson organised by RedBalloon received extensive media coverage both locally and globally as 320 locals paddled out and participated in a 30 minute surf lesson.

Redballon received a 160% increase in traffic to their Facebook page and 55.8% increase in orders on the day of the activation, demonstrating the power of record-breaking events for businesses.

The event was also used as an opportunity to raise funds for the charity ‘One Wave’, a non-profit Bondi surf community raising awareness for mental health. At the end, RedBalloon donated $10 for every participant in the lesson.

Today was a great example of what RedBalloon stands for at Christmas - that the best gifts cannot be wrapped.

— Nick Baker, CEO of RedBalloon