Pocky Guinness World Records

The Results

Over 1.8 million mentions of Pocky on Twitter in 24 hours
3 million views on the Pocky Creators Platform
Increase of 201% in the number of tweets during the two-year campaign

The Brief

Pocky and Pretz, the iconic stick snacks, have been worldwide favourites since their introduction in 1962. The snacks, created by Japanese confectioner Ezaki Glico, now come in more than a dozen flavours and are enjoyed across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

In their native country, the popularity of the snacks is such that Japanese consumers have crowned the 11th November as Pocky and Pretz Day with the date – 11.11 – representing their iconic shape. In 2012, Ezaki Glico wanted to unite with its customers on Pocky and Pretz Day and so launched a campaign called ‘Let’s Share 11.11’.

Pocky middle

The Solution

At the heart of Pocky’s ‘Let’s Share 11.11’ campaign was an online festival of creativity entitled ‘Pocky Creators’. Brand advocates were invited to share user-generated artworks celebrating Pocky across seven different categories; from music and voice, to dance, photography and illustration. For the day itself, Pocky wanted to establish an official celebration of ‘Pocky and Pretz Day’ on social media.

Based on this brief, Guinness World Records created a new category for the Most mentions of a brand name on Twitter in 24 hours. With a 24-hour attempt, Pocky virtually united more than 1.8 million fans across the globe. Japanese confectionery brand Pocky broke its own record a year later with a staggering 3.71 million mentions on the social network in a day.

Ezaki Glico utilised Guinness World Records Business Solutions once again in 2014 to set a Guinness World Records title for the Largest Online Photo Montage of Cookies/Biscuits with 16,825 photos of people eating Pocky and Pretz.