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  • Who: Freeview (UK)

  • What: Largest cake for dogs

  • Where: United Kingdom

The largest cake for dogs weighed 68.45 kg (150.91 lb) and was achieved by Freeview (UK) in London, UK, on 15 April 2011.

The event was organised in celebration of 'The Royal Wedding' and was corgi themed.

The cake itself took 3 weeks to complete and was made entirely by Michelle Wibowo (UK), a professional cake maker.

The "edible" cake itself contained: 30 kg wholemeal flour, 20 kg of liver dog food, 25 cloved of garlic, 120 eggs, dried liver, beef steak, fish oil and chicken.

The cake also depicted a giant corgi on the top, made entirely of icing. This did not contribute to the weight of the cake itself, since icing is not edible for dogs.


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