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  • Who: John Kalusa

  • What: Largest collection of model aeroplanes

  • Where:

The largest collection of handmade aeroplanes belongs to John Kalusa (USA) who has created 5,737 wooden aeroplanes since 1936. The collection is currently housed in the library of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Arizona, USA.

The models in John's collection are built to a 1/18-inch-to-a-foot scale to ensure that all aircrafts have the exact size relationships to one another. Each model is painted with the exact details and markings from the original aircraft, using simply a broken razor blade, balsa wood, glue, watercolours, clear sealant, bamboo and wire. Sadly, John Kalusa passed away on 17 February 2003. Before his death John was still actively creating, on average 2 model aeroplanes each week.


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