Youngest sports commentator (male)
Zidane Hamid
9:185 year(s):day(s)
Pakistan (Rawalakot)

The youngest sports commentator is Zidane Hamid (Pakistan, b. 3 January 2010), aged 9 years 185 days, who commentated in Rawalakot, Pakistan, on 7 July 2019.

Zidane made his professional commentary debut on FM 105.8 when he provided play by play for Kashmir Kings vs Real Kashmir at the Degree College Ground in Rawalakot. As well as doing commentary for all 22 overs he also facilitated the pre match coin toss and interviewed the highest scorer in a mid match presentation.

His love for cricket began much earlier than this. He has been a fan of the sport, both playing anf commentating, from when he was just three years old. He would read journals and books of cricket stats provided by his parents and even started his own YouTube channel to provide post match analysis and summaries of international matches. One of his dreams was to see old cricketers playing with new facilities so he could measure the speed of Jeff Thomson and West Indies bowling attack bowlers. He is a self professed "cricket geek".

Fellow commentators have already been giving praise to Zidane's skills and knowledge of the sport at such a young age.

"My favorite cricket teams are Pakistan, England and West Indies. Pakistan for being unpredictable crushers, England being the professionals and inventors of cricket and West Indies for their pace battery legacy."

His favourite players are Sir Viv Richards, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle and Ben Stokes. Waseem Akram and Shoaib Akhtar are particular influences as they ahve also made the transition to commentary. The one thing that combines them all? In Zidane's own words, "They all are thrillers of game".

Achieving this record has been a great honour. He is now looking forward to revealing the news as a "very happy surprise" to his family, fans, nation and the cricket community.