Youngest all-male team of four to row any ocean
Mad4Waves, Lee Gordon, Cole Barnard, Matthew Boynton, Grant Soll
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The youngest average age for an all-male team of four to embark on a successful ocean row is 22 years 246 days by "Mad4Waves" (all South Africa), comprising Lee Gordon (b. 29 March 1996) at 22 years 258 days old, Cole Barnard (b. 29 May 1996) at 22 years 197 days, Matthew Boynton (b. 3 February 1996) at 22 years 312 days and Grant Soll (b. 8 May 1996) at 22 years 218 days. The team rowed 2,550 nautical miles (4,722 km; 2,934 miles) from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Spain, to English Harbour in Antigua in 39 days 8 hours 43 minutes between 12 December 2018 and 20 January 2019 on board Jasmine 2.

The team of friends rowed to raise funds for the Make a Difference (MAD) Leadership Foundation providing educational support to schools in South Africa.

The youngest four to complete this journey prior to "Mad4Waves" averaged 23 years 5 days, for team "Atlantic 4" in 2012.