Tallest structure built with toy timber logs
Landon Aydlett, Brandon Aydlett
7.89 metre(s)
Guam (Guam)

The tallest structure built with toy timber logs is 7.89 m (25 ft 11 in), and was achieved by Landon Aydlett and Brandon Aydlett (both Guam) in Guam, on 18 June 2022.

Landon and Brandon have been collecting toy timber logs for over 30 years and decided to put them to good use. They explained the reason they wanted to achieve this record in detail "We decided to attempt to break this record to fulfil a lifetime goal with toy timber logs and to put it to a good cause for a regional charity. We constructed a scaled version of Chicago's Willis Tower over the course of a week."

Their charity of choice was Habitat for Humanity and their aim was to create a fundraiser with the hopes of recovering profound charitable loss during the COVID pandemic.