Tallest rose bush

Tallest rose bush
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Hafizullah Khaled
8.705 metre(s)
Austria (Vienna )
17 October 2020

The tallest rose bush is 8.705 m (28.559 ft), and was grown by Hafizullah Khaled (Austria) in Vienna, Austria, as verified on 17 October 2020.

Hafizullah has a keen interest in gardening. He grows flowers every summer but has a special fondness for his rose bush. "For me, bush rose is a symbol of beauty, friendship and love". It took Hafizullah almost five years to grow his rose bush. The rose bush is Hafizullah's favourite item in his garden and spends the most time taking care of this plant. "My tips and suggestions to all those who are interested to grow flowers and trees are to take care of each individual plant as if they were human beings". Hafizullah plans to attempt further record titles in the future.

"Being a Guinness World Records title holder means that the COVID-19 quarantine can never prevent us from achieving greater success. It makes me feel more confident and I will realize that age is no barrier to achieving great success".