Tallest rideable bicycle

Tallest rideable bicycle
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Adam Zdanowicz
7.41 metre(s)
Poland (Białystok)
21 December 2020

The tallest rideable bicycle is 7.41 m (24 ft 3.73 in) and was achieved by Adam Zdanowicz (Poland), in Białystok, Poland, on 21 December 2020.

On first glance, you wouldn't think this Christmas tree-shaped contraption was a bicycle, but you would be mistaken!

Adam loves making strange contraptions, especially bicycles, the first of which he made in 2009.

"Going big" with his projects has always been Adam's passion.

"Elevating my ideas to new heights gives me a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Making my dreams come true inspire me to try new amazing things and the tallest rideable bicycle is a perfect example of my approach and beliefs."

Adam says that this is the largest contraption he has ever designed and made. He describes riding it as a "challenge and a great adventure".

Planning and designing the structure took him around a month, with making the functional bicycle taking around three weeks.

Adam used only recycled materials to construct his bike.