Tallest bridge
Millau Viaduct
France (Millau)

The 2,460-m (8,070-ft) long Millau Viaduct across the Tarn Valley, France, is supported by seven concrete piers, the tallest of which measures 244.96 m (804 ft) from the ground to the road deck. The piers also supports seven 87-m-tall (285-ft) masts, so the maximum total height from the top of the masts to the deepest point in the valley is 343 m (1,125 ft). It was designed by Foster and Partners (UK) and opened to the public in December 2004. The bridge was constructed in order to remove a traffic bottleneck in the town of Millau, and thus complete the motorway connecting Paris with the Mediterranean region. The total maximum height is the sum of the height of the tallest pier (pier two), its mast, the roadway and a dip in the valley between piers two and three.