Smallest washing machine
Gaya Prasad Agarwal ( Mangal )
60.61 mm x 59.41 mm x 46.49 mm dimension(s)
India (Jaipur)

The smallest washing machine measures 60.61 mm x 59.41 mm x 46.49 mm and was achieved by Gaya Prasad Agarwal (India), in Jaipur, India, on 4 September 2019.

Gaya is also the current holder of other record titles such as smallest working drill and smallest working power tool. He is already planning more attempts for other such projects.

These projects can take time, as this one took three months to plan and twenty-five days to build. Part of the reason for taking this much time is that, working on such a small scale, Gaya had to build all the parts of the machine himself rather than buy any directly.

Gaya is fond of his craft and hopes to achieve more Guinness World Records titles in the future.