Smallest spy plane
AeroVironment 'Black Widow'
Not Applicable (Monrovia,California)
The smallest spy plane in existence is the palm-sized Black Widow, developed by Aerovironment of Monrovia, California, USA, for possible reconnaissance use by ground combat troops. It has a wingspan of 15.24 cm. (6 in.), weighs just 80 g. (2.8 oz.) and carries a tiny color video camera weighing 2 g. (0.07 oz.). The Black Widow has a speed of 50 km./h. (30 m.p.h.), a maximum range of 2km.  (1.24 miles) and can stay airborne for 30 min. Although it has an autopilot, it will typically be controlled by a pilot navigating by live video relayed from its on-board camera. The entire ground control system and launcher fits into a briefcase-sized box. The solid wings are manufactured from lightweight expanded polystyrene foam and propulsion is provided by a battery-powered electric motor.