Richest British Prime Minister
14th Earl of Derby
7000000 UK pound(s) sterling
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The richest person to become British Prime Minister was Edward Stanley the 14th Earl of Derby (1799-1869) who had a personal fortune in excess of £7 million (about £444 million in today's terms). Derby actually served as Prime Minister three times. His term dates are as follows: 23 February 1852 - December 1852, 20 February 1858 - June 1859, and 28  June 1866 - February 1868. When the leader of the Whigs, Lord John Russell, resigned as Prime Minister in 1852, the Earl of Derby tried to form a government. When the House of Commons defeated budget proposals in December 1852, the government of Derby resigned.

Six years after his first premiership, the Earl of Derby returned as head of a minority government. In June 1859, Derby's government resigned after losing a vote of no confidence.

In 1865 when the Whig-Liberal leader Lord Russell brought forward a moderate reform bill, a combination of Tory opposition and a revolt against Russell toppled his government. Derby formed his third minority government again with Disraeli as Chancellor of the Exchequer. In 1868 when Derby retired from politics, Disraeli became prime minister.