Oldest general practitioner (male)
Kauromal Chandiramani
75/198 year(s):day(s)
India (Bombay)
Dr Kauromal M. Chandiramani (India, b. 9 May 1899), practised as a general practitioner in Bombay for 75 years 198 days from 22 September 1923–9 May 1999, to the age of 100. . He obtained his medical degree, L.C.P.S (the first medical qualification to be introduced during British rule in India) from Sind, India (now Pakistan) in 1923. Despite retiring on 14 February 1957, he set up his own Genral Practice. Aged 104 when awarded the record, he claims to have remained celibate following the death of his wife in 1944. He has never drunk alcohol, had caffeine or smoked and has always been a vegetarian