Oldest tandem parachute jump (male)
Alfred Blaschke
103:180 year(s):day(s)
United States (San Marcos)

The oldest person to tandem parachute jump (male) is Alfred "Al" Blaschke (USA, b. 4 January 1917) who is 103 years and 180 days, as verified in San Marcos, Texas, USA, on 2 July 2020.

Al wasn't initially jumping to set a world record, he was inspired to jump with his grandsons to celebrate their graduation from college this year. He's also no stranger to parachute jumping, and he told media he'd jump for their graduation on his previous jump which took place on his 100th birthday.

He dived with a ceritfied Skydive Spaceland tandem jump instructor and the event was attended by media, friends, family and state officials.