Oldest purpose-built cinema in operation
Rita Madl
110; 283 year(s):day(s)
United States (Ottawa)

The oldest purpose-built cinema in operation is 110 years 283 days, and was achieved by the Plaza Cinema in Ottawa, Kansas, USA, which has been in operation since 22 May 1907.

The Plaza Cinema is currently owned by Rita "Peach" Madl, and has been showing movies inside the Pickrell Building at 211 S. Main St. in Ottawa, Kansas since 22 May 1907, however historians suspect it actually opened on the 20 May 1907. Unfortunately, no time stamped documents could be provided to confirm the opening day.The cinema has changed name over the years, starting as the Bijou Theatre, then Crystal Theatre in 1910 and became the Plaza Theatre in 1935. The cinema shut down for a few years during the Great Depression but was never used for any other purpose during this time.

In the theatre's opening week, the theatre was showing 'Bad Mother'.