Oldest heliskier
Junior Bounous
95:224 year(s):day(s)
United States (Snowbird Utah)

The oldest heliskier is Junior Bounous (USA, b. 24 August 1925) who aged 95 yr 224 days heliskied at Snowbird Ski Reort, in Utah, USA, on 5 April 2021.

The helicopter dropped Junior off at 9:30 am at the Major Evans landing site and made two separate runs on the Major Evans Ski run. He then went onto perform another two runs on the Silver Creek East and West runs.

Junior has been skiing for most of his life. He started his professional ski career as a ski instructor in 1947 and was a ski school director at Sugarbowl in California, Timp Haven/Sundance in Utah, and Snowbird, Utah where he made this record breaking attempt. Junior was also Director of Skiing at Snowbird until age 89.

He first heliskied on 6 November 1961, on Mt Timpanogas, Utah. Ski Magazine sponsored the expedition, produced an article and put Junior on the cover of their January 1962 issue.

Junior was inducted into the United States National Ski Hall of Fame in 1996, and has been featured in ski articles and on the covers of ski magazines over the years.