Oldest comic book artist
Kenneth “Ken” Bald
94:215 year(s):day(s)
United States ()

The oldest comic book artist is Kenneth “Ken” Bald (USA, b. 1 August 1920), who, after illustrating comic books, comic strips, movie posters, and TV storyboards for over 83 years, continues doing commissioned sketches of comic superheroes for his fans as of 4 March 2015, aged 94 years 215 days. At the age of 10, in the spring of 1931, Ken won a poster contest in school. It was of a young boy with his dog fishing, a can of worms at his side. Later that year, Ken became a “commercial artist” when a magazine paid him five dollars for a cartoon he submitted. Bald went on to attend Pratt Institute and, after graduation, landed a job at Jack Binder’s Studio, drawing and inking the main superhero figures and becoming Art Director at 21. After serving with the Marines as a Captain during World War II, Bald worked for Goodman Publications, which would later become Timely and eventually Marvel Comics. Bald worked on comic book characters including Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Namora, Sun Girl, Miss America, Millie the Model and Blonde Phantom. In the 1950s, Bald began drawing Judd Saxon for King Features Syndicate and in 1962, Bald started the Dr. Kildare strip, based on the popular television series starring Richard Chamberlain. Bald also created another television-inspired comic strip, Dark Shadows. After working in the comic industry, Bald went on to become creative director at a New York City studio where he illustrated TV storyboards until his retirement in 2004. Bald still keeps busy by doing commissioned superhero drawings for his fans and attending comic conventions.

For more information about Ken Bald, go to: www.kenbald.com