Oldest car
La Marquise, De Dion et Trépardoux
France ()
The oldest functioning car is La Marquise, a steam-powered, four-wheeled, four-seater vehicle, manufactured by De Dion Bouton et Trépardoux (France) in 1884; three years later it won the world's first automobile race, powering along the 30.5-km (19-mile) track at an average of 42 km/h (26 mph) from Paris to Neuilly, France. La Marquise was sold at auction for $3,520,000 (£1,767,000) by Gooding & Co (USA), in Pebble Beach, California, USA on 19 August 2007. The car is fueled by coal, wood and paper and takes approximately 30 minutes to warm up. It has a top speed of 61 km/h (38 mph).
The auction price includes the buyer's premium.