Most worms charmed
Sophie Smith
United Kingdom (Willaston, Cheshire)

The most worms charmed at the World Worm Charming Championships is 567 and was achieved by Sophie Smith (United Kingdom) at the 2009 Championships, in Willaston, United Kingdom, on 27 June 2009. The competitors have 30 minutes to charm as many worms as possible out of a 3 m² (9.84 ft²) plot. Various techniques are used including tap dancing, hitting cricket stumps, using knitting needles. Sophie however stuck to the traditional technique of sticking a fork into the ground and wiggling it and hitting it with a stick to cause vibrations to charm the worms out of the ground. She was said to be helped by the warm and humid weather conditions. Sophie was aged just 10 when she broke the record, set 19 years before she was even born!