Most wins of the Mashed Potato Wrestling championships
Steve O'Gratin
4 total number
United States (Various)

The most wins of the Mashed Potato Wrestling championships is four and was achieved by Steve O'Gratin (United States) at Barnesville, Minnesota and Clark, South Dakota, United States, from 2006-2008.

Steve Barone a.k.a Steve O'Gratin is the founder of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Federation which sanctions the events in Barnesville (which Steve has won three times) and Clark (which he has won once).

All potatoes used by the MPWC are (inedible) floor sweepings from a factory or outdated flakes that are no longer saleable. There’s no waste, as any leftover mash is fed to local cattle.


With four victories under his belt, Steve O’Gratin (aka Steve Barone, USA) holds the record for most wins of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Championships (MPWC)…

How did the MPWC come about?

I’m not sure. When life gives you mashed potatoes, just wrestle in it, I guess! Barnesville [Minnesota] started doing it during their Potato Days Festival in 1999.

Talk us through a few of the rules…

It’s a single elimination tournament made up of three two-minute rounds. To win, you must pin an opponent down for three seconds, or the opponent quits. Alliances can be made to team up, but ultimately you will have to turn on that ally, as only one winner is declared. Eating any of the potato is not permitted!

What does it mean to be world champ?

I got to do some local news appearances which was fun. Now, I can’t walk down the street in Barnesville without someone asking for an autograph. I did record a video of every competition, so I hope to make a documentary some day. I’d like to age about 15 years and maybe make a comeback.