Most views for a competitive fighting game match on Youtube
Street Fighter - Justin vs Daigo
9,095,836 view(s)
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The most viewed competitive fighting videogame bout on Youtube is a match between Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (Japan) and Justin Wong (USA) from the loser's bracket of the 2004 EVO competition in Street Fighter III: Third Strike (Capcom, 1999), with 9,095,836 views on YouTube as of 03 March 2020. Daigo fought as Ken, while Justin played as Chun-Li.

The match itself is well known for the occurrence of "Evo Moment 37'" or the "Daigo parry" in which Umehara made an extremely unexpected combat by successfully parrying the entire 15 hits of Wong's "Super Art'" whilst on a single pixel of vitality. He then went on to win the match as a result.