Greatest vertical distance on foot in 24 hours (uphill and downhill) - team
The Reek Challenge
18086 metre(s)
Ireland (Murrisk)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.
The most vertical feet run in 24 hours was 59,337 ft 7 in (18,086 m) by 11 members of The Reek Challenge at Croagh Patrick in Murrisk, Ireland, on 1-2 July 2011. The team members included Noel Brady, Robert Coyne, John Gilleran, PJ Hall, Kieran Hasting, Padraic Hughes, Paul Mahon, Padraig Marrey, Mary Mulchrone, Pat Staunton, and Tony Walsh (all Ireland). As per surveyor's reports, the route taken up Croagh Patrick results in an elevation gain of 2,472 ft 4 in (753.59 m). Each climber made 12 ascents and descents up the Croagh Patrick to arrive at the final total achievement. Four other climbers made the attempt, as well, but three pulled out due to injury and a fourth could not complete the prescribed number of climbs and descents in time.