Most unused concert tickets bought by an individual
Michael Dehn
United States (Streamwood Illinois)
The most unused concert tickets bought by an individual was 79,652. These tickets were purchased by Michael Dehn (USA) and were intended for use by fans at the later-cancelled Led Zeppelin concerts, scheduled to take place at Chicago Stadium, Illinois, USA in November 1980. In 1986, Michael Dehn purchased all undistributed tickets for $9,000 for the Led Zeppelin shows scheduled for 10-12 November 1980, at the now-demolished Chicago Stadium. These tickets were never used as the drummer, John Bonham, died on 25 September 1980 and then in December that year the other members announced that Led Zeppelin was no more. Ironically, on the same day of Bonham's death, the Chicago Tribune offered the mail-order tickets to all 4 shows. The tickets were held at the stadium and the money sent in was returned. Dehn cut a deal with Arthur Wirtz for all of them. Although in 1994, he sold 29,000 of them, Dehn's corporation Metro Pulse, is now selling them as collectors items for about $40 (matted and shrink wrapped) and $80 (framed on high quality colourful card stock-not computer generated). Please see attached evidence for the cheque, further info and a copy of the ticket.