Most skydivers in a wind tunnel

Most skydivers in a wind tunnel
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Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan bin Hamdan Al Nahyan
30 people
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
05 December 2022

The most skydivers in a wind tunnel is 30 and was achieved by Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan Hamdan Al Nahyan, in association with CLYMB Abu Dhabi and Emirates Aerosports Federation (all UAE) in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 5 December 2022.

The client Sheikh Khalifa Bin Sultan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan wanted to break this record to show the world how the UAE is leading in the Sky Diving industry. He is a sky diver himself and he participated in all 4 record attempts as one of the individuals who were inside the tunnel.

The attempt was attempted in CLYMB Abu Dhabi which is the most popular indoor sky diving facility in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Aerosports Federation also was a big part of this record as they fully supported the attempt and wanted to break the record to showcase the success of Sky Diving in the UAE.

For the attempt, there were sky divers from many different countries with different nationalities but most of the individuals were Emiratis from the UAE.

The client gathered the most skilled 30 sky divers in the UAE to attempt this record.