Most siblings born on the same day
Ameer Ali Mangi
7 people
Pakistan (Larkana)

The most siblings born on the same day is 7 and was achieved by Sindhoo (1992), Sasui (1998), Sapna (1998), Aamir (2001), Ambar (2002), Ammar (2003) and Ahmar (2003), born to Ameer and Khudija Ameer Ali Mangi (Pakistan), and verified in Larkana, Pakistan, on 1 August 2019.

The family consists of Ameer, the father, Khudija, the mother, and seven children: Sindhoo, Sasui, Sapna, Aamir, Ambar, Ammar and Ahmar with ages ranging from 32 to 21, as of 10 July 2023.

They have two sets of twins, two daughters born in 1998, and two sons born in 2003.

They also hold the title for the most family members born on the same day, as their mother and father were also born on the 1st of August.