Most searched-for female on the internet (current)
Billie Eilish
- ranked #1
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According to Google's annual report of the year's biggest online trends, singer Billie Eilish (USA) was the most searched-for woman on Google in 2019, and the sixth-most searched-for celebrity overall. With phenomenal success with both the public and critics, particularly at the Grammy Awards in February 2019, interest in her was consistently high throughout the year.

The top 10 most Googled people in 2019 were:

1. Antonio Brown (USA)

2. Neymar (BRA)

3. James Charles (USA)

4. Jussie Smollett (USA)

5. Kevin Hart (USA)

6. Billie Eilish (USA)

7. Greta Thunberg (SWE)

8. R Kelly (USA)

9. Joaquin Phoenix (USA)

10. Jordyn Woods (USA)