Most ported videogame
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The most-ported videogame is Tetris. Since the original version was developed for the Soviet Electronika 60 micro-computer in 1984 by computer scientist Alexey Pajitnov, there have been more than 200 official Tetris variants developed for at least 70 unique systems. This total includes almost every commercial videogame console, mobile gaming platform, and home computer, as well as more unusual platforms such as LCD keychain games, in-flight entertainment systems and word processors.

If the focus is shifted to unofficial ports, Tetris has a rival in ID Software's 1993 first-person shooter Doom. Doom was specifically designed to be as easy to adapt to different systems as possible and, more importantly, its code was made open source in 1997.

Doom is a much more technically demanding game than Tetris, but the resources required to run it are still trivial by modern standards. Homebrew coders have discovered that a wide variety of what are called embedded systems (simple computers designed as controllers for electronic devices) are capable of running Doom. Over the last twenty years, enthusiasts have ported Doom to fridges, exercise bikes, pregnancy tests, printers and even house-sized research supercomputers. "Does it run Doom?" has become a running joke in the hacker community, a test that any new piece of hardware is subjected to.