Most popular daytime TV soap - current
The Bold and the Beautiful
24500000 people
Monaco (Monte Carlo)
The most popular daytime TV soap is The Bold and The Beautiful (CBS, USA, 1987-current). According to the most recent statistics, the daytime drama - which is shown across 5 continents - gathered more than 24.5 million viewers worldwide in 2008. The Bold and The Beautiful has been winning this award since 2006. Bearing in mind the statistics are gathered and awarded for the previous year, the highest audiences were awarded in 2006 (for the year of 2005) and 2008 (for the year of 2007), when both had more than 26.2 million viewers worldwide. The MONTE-CARLO TV FESTIVAL and EURODATA TV WORLDWIDE awarded The Bold and The Beautiful as the winners of 4th International TV Audience Awards. Programmes are rewarded that deliver the highest ratings worldwide in 2008 across five continents in three categories: “Drama TV Series“, “Comedy TV Series”, and "Telenovelas /Soap Operas". The source used was created by Médiamétrie (who use information from Nielsen), called Eurodata TV Worldwide. They distribute programming and audience information, based on its partnership with the national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world. July 2010 will see the 5th Annual Awards, where ratings and awards for 2009 will be given.