Most pop-ups in a pop-up book
Taichung City Government
Taiwan, China (Taichung City,The attempt was held outside the Taichung City Government offices in Taichung City.)

The most pop-ups in a pop-up book is 169 and was achieved by pupils from Taichung City and the Taichung City Government (China) in Taichung City, Taiwan, China, on 19 April 2013.

This is a collaborative effort between the Taichung City Govt and Encyclopedia Britannica, involving 79 schools and almost 300 elementary/junior high school students and teachers. The youngest artist is 5 years of age.

The planning and production process took 6 months execution in order to complete this enormous collective art piece and the main objective is to integrate local culture, education and creative art production so as to promote Taichung city to the world. It is 107m in length and the entire collection comprises 149 large art pieces, 296 pages in total, joint together as a huge concertina book.