Most people scuba diving simultaneously
Indonesian Navy
2486 people
Indonesia (Manado/Bunaken)
The most people scuba diving simultaneoulsy is 2,486 and was achieved in Malalayang beach, Manado (Indonesia), during an event organised by the Indonesian Navy, on 17 August 2009. Indonesia is often referred as the world’s largest archipelago, including more than 17,000 islands is renowned worldwide for the immense beauty of his underwater world and marine biodiversity. When you're scuba diving in Manado you can see over 70% of all fish species that exist in the Indo-Western Pacific, and it is no surprise that the local people and all the foreigners who have the luck to dive in the clear Indonesian sea remain amazed by the pristine experience. The record for the most people scuba diving simultaneously was made special by a full ceremony performed underwater by the 2,486 divers and organised in occasion of the Indonesian 64th Independence Day anniversary. The long lines of participants divided in more than 50 groups, once reached the bottom of the sea, at a depth of about 15 meters, took position and the master of ceremony raised the red and white Indonesian flag underwater. The scuba divers paid respect to the flag and prayed silently together, all broadcasted live on TV and reported by a huge number of national and international media present at the event.